Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trisha - a business woman!


               Every one of us know that Trisha is making big money through her acting career and is spending a very small amount in parties and others... what is she doing with the remaining money? is a billion dollor worth question... here is the answer! ...............
HosurOnline contacted Trisha to learn about her investment plans and advice from her for our readers!When HosurOnline asked her "How do you invest your savings?" Trisha was quick to answer that "I invest in Gold... then in debentures"
When HosurOnline asked her opinion on investments in share markets, Trisha gave a negative opinion.  According to her, only those money which is surplus... meaning... might have been spent for unwanted things... shall be used for investment as share!!!She also prefers not to invest in lands, as it brings in lot of disputes and trouble, and also helps IT department to have an eye on the same!!!

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