Saturday, January 7, 2012

Am I in love with Dhanush asks Shruthi Haasan

                  Kamal’s daughter Shruthi Haasan has mentioned that there is no truth in the news that she is in love with Dhanush.
Dhanush is pairing with Shruthi in the film 3 directed by Aishwarya Dhanush. There was news that Dhanush and Shruthi have become very intimate and that both of them celebrated the New Year together. ...................

This has shocked Rajni and it seems that he has shown his discernment to Dhanush’s father Kasthoori Raja.

When Shruthi was asked about this, she said, "There is even no basic truth in this news. I celebrated this New Year with my mother and sister in Goa.Of all the actors who have acted with me, Dhanush was the most convenient actor. Because of this I am little friendlier with him. Aishwarya is my close friend.

There is no necessity for me to have connection with a married person. My connection with Dhanush is purely professional. There is no other connection than this."
No explanation has been given from Dhanush’s side.

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