Friday, February 17, 2012

Why has Vidya been distributing laddoos?

     Vidya Balan distributed sweets amongst the cast and crew of her film, happy with her own performance. Vidya Balan's confidence and talent has been an object of envy for her co-stars........
Many feel in an industry where actresses are extremely conscious of their appearances, Vidya lets herself loose and still holds her own. The actress is even super-confident of her dance moves, in spite of her not being a great dancer.

 We've heard after finishing the shoot of her lavani item song from 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari', the actress distributed laddoos to celebrate her happiness over doing the song right. Our source present on the set revealed, "The shoot has just been completed and the actress is pleased. In fact, she has said that the shoot of the item number has been her best till date. On the last day of the shoot, the happy actress distributed laddoos to the entire crew present at the shoot.

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