Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Artist awes Amitabh


           World Cinema celebrated Oscars yesterday at a grand function at Hollywood yesterday. Entire world followed the glittering ceremony and bollywood stars are no exception.
Many top bollywood stars tweeted congratulating winners and Big B Amitabh sang praises of Oscar winner ‘The Artist’. In his blog, a tech savvy Amitabh writing about the film  which has been sweeping awards at various ceremonies and is also pitted to emerge a big winner at the Academy Awards to be held tonight said “I watched a lovely film ‘The Artist’ ...........
via the UFO set up in the house and it was a delight to see a black and white, silent movie in February of 2012!! In an age when color and music and speech and sound play such an important role in cinema today, it was most innovative on the part of the makers to present something like this. I believe it is up for the Oscars, which are out tomorrow on Sunday,”
Big B who recently returned home after receiving treatment for abdomen pain and even underwent a surgery at Seven Hills Hospital , is spending his time in house recouping himself. He tweeted “Being by myself and almost in solitary confinement, is getting contagious. I am beginning to rather like this state. No where to go, nothing obligatory to perform, random timings and the liberty to do what I desire. I eat whenever, sleep whenever, watch a movie whenever and happy doing so,” ‘The Artist’ first ever silent movie to sweep oscars after long time awed Big B a lot. The film went on to win winning five awards including best picture, best director and best actor.  Amitabh recently watched the Oscar nominated ‘The Artist’ and said it was a “delight” to view the silent black and white French movie. The film is directed by Michel Hazanavicius and features Jean Dujardin.

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