Monday, February 20, 2012

You`ll get to see real me in `Jodi Breakers`: Bipasha

             Recently a big bang movie “Jodi Breakers” has hit the big screen. The movie has mind-blowing star cast and outstanding direction. Bipasa Basu and Madhavan played the lead role. It is an eye catching to watch this strange couple together on reel screen together. .............
Their acting in the movie has brought million-dollar smile on the face of millions. In this film, you will get to see the real Bipasa Basu. The Kolkata Girl has banged the box office in her new avatar. Well guys Bipasa Basu is too excited with her forth coming film. She believes, she was portrayed in the movie exactly the same way she is in her real life.
Well that really sounds interesting. In this movie “Jodi Breakers “She plays the role of a girl named Sonali.She is a very fun loving girl and enjoys her life to the fullest. Here Bipasa plays the role of a girl who is very ultra modern and takes life as it is. She believes that if one love goes then another one is about to come.  She thinks never to waste life after thinking why this happen and all these. Her strategy is to simply go ahead and seek for another one. In this movie both the duo –couple helped married people to get off their monotonous and unhealthy relationship. They also instigated people to move for ward in quest of second marriage.  They believe may be the second marriage works out and everything in life gets well.Ashiwini Chowdhury has directed the wonderful movie. Bipasa was happy to work with Madhavan. She stated that Madhavan is not only a mind-blowing actor but also a very nice person at heart. She also stated that Madhavan is not at all a self centered person .He concentrates not only in his own work but also encourages other to work as well to make a perfect movie.
Well Bipasa and Madhavan audience are really looking forward to catch a glimpse of such Masala movie. Definitely, people will get full entertainment and they will want to watch such an unusual “Jodi Breakers “again On screen.

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