Friday, December 30, 2011

Sonam Kapoor’s diet goes haywire

          The Bollywood Brigade is known for its bizarre actions. Be it wearing the most outrageous 
outfits or tchanging many lovers in an hours time, the B-town celebs can do just anything under the sun. ............

And this time around, they want to turn Santa. UTV STARS has roped in popular Bollywood names likeAbhishek Bachchan, Asin, R Madhavan, Chitrangadha and Sonam Kapoor to play Santa to the common man in a show titled Super Star Santa. A  few selected contestants will come forth with their problems which they desperately want to solve and these famous personalities will try to bring in some peace in the disturbed lives of these commoners. Thanks to this show, these B-town celebs will get a chance to showcase their problem-solving skills.
The first episode will feature the sultry seductress, leggy Sonam Kapoor. She will help two girls solve their problem in the show. Incidentally, while shooting for this particular episode, the unit people brought in a pani puri wallah on the sets. And everyone present made sure they utilized the opportunity to the fullest. Right from the contestants of the episode to the host of the series the beautiful Dilkush Reporter, everyone enjoyed the tasty pani puris. But someone has a blast consuming the most number of pani puris than anyone else. Can you guess who it is? Bollygraph doesn’t think you can. So here’s the answer for you. Sonam Kapoor, who is a diet freak, and goes from strength to strength to remain fit and healthy, couldn’t stick to her diet regime on seeing the irresistible dish. And to the amazement of the pani puri wallah, Sonam hogged down innumerable pani puris.
Wonder how many days of rigorous exercise will help her burn the extra calories she gained due to this act. Or was this all just a promotional stunt for her next release, Players.

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