Friday, December 30, 2011

We are way behind Hollywood: Neil Nitin Mukesh

              Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh, who will be next seen in action-flick Players feels Bollywood is way behind Hollywood in terms of technology and execution. ............

"We constantly talk about Hollywood and Bollywood, but I feel we are nowhere close to them what so ever whether it is in  terms of technology or processing or story line or execution or anything. Their Superman and all came 30 years back and we hardly made a film like Krrish that has worked for us," Neil told PTI in an interview.

"So we are way way behind them...that is because there audience have accepted futuristic films... because movies are meant to be made to believe, they are meant to be larger than life. Unfortunately it is not like that our films are bad but we are not catering and guiding to our audiences," he said.

"Today almost for every film a critic writes leave your brains behind and enjoy the film...why would one leave their brains behind ? One must go there and see an intelligent film. So make an intelligent film and feed your audience with that.If we keep offering them certain amount or certain quality of films they will get used to that and expect that only."

"If you see those (Hollywood) films doing well then it is because there imagination and execution is powerful. The last horror made in Bollywood that I loved was Haunted. 

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