Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I am not aunty Trisha' declares Trisha

'Don't identify me as an old lady, Aishwarya Bachan is older than me and she is still acting as a heroin.' declared Trisha when asked about her agged look........
Trisha has moved to Telugu industry and there she is appearing in swim suits... all for money.  It costs about Rs 25 lacs to make Trisha to appear in bikini suit.
In Kollywood, even Trisha's boy friend is not interested to have her as his pair as the look of Trisha proves that she is getting old very fast.
To counter the comments about her agged look, Trisha come up with a theory that "I am just 29.  In the case of Aishwarya, she is in her 40.  Take Sri Devi... she was more than 40 when she left Bollywood.  Don't count years, count only the talent.  I still feel young and want to serve more for the cine industry."
Hosur Paiyan:  Dear Trisha Aunty... you are looking very old comparing to the older Aishwarya and Sri Devi... Little boys like me feel Aish as if she is of our age while I feel comfortable calling you as Aunty... Bye Aunty...

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