Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rajini's special advice to Danush

         Through his Kolaveri song, Danush is now a known figure through out India. His Kolaveri fame has got him invitation to attend a dinner arranged by Indian Prime Minister to Japanese Prime Minister. .........
In this circumstances, HosurOnline team had a doubt whether Super Star Rajini is mentoring Danush - his son in law?
To get the answer directly from Danush, HosurOnline approached Danush with the question "Do Rajini give you advice?"
Danush was very cool accepting the question and answered "Rajini never give me advice.  The last advice I got from him is 'If you are in a slum area, which has only thatched huts, then you too build only huts with thatched roof...'  This advice was given to me few years before and in recent time he has never given me any particular comment which I can consider as his advice"
HosurOnline asked him "Will you act with your uncle - Rajini?"
Danush replied "You should ask Rajini Sir!!!"  Understanding that our eyebrows raised on Danush calling Rajini with 'Sir', Danush continued "In terms of acting, I consider Rajini as an adourable figure and I always give him the maximum respect."

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