Friday, December 9, 2011

Former ‘Gossip Girl’ Stylist Lauren Scruggs Takes First Steps After Life-Threatening Propeller Accident

 Caption Lauren Scruggs, a fashion blogger, aspiring model and former “Gossip Girl” wardrobe stylist,
has taken her first steps following a near-fatal accident on Saturday.
The good news was revealed in a blog posted by the 23-year-old’s family on Wednesday.
“This morning, Lauren experienced a victory!” the post read. “Earlier, the physical therapist assisted Lauren in walking for the first time. Once she got halfway there, she said, ‘30.’ Not sure what she meant [her family] asked her what that means, she replied, ‘Steps!’

“What a praise, she was counting every step that she took!” the post continued.
Scruggs, a Texas native, suffered severe injuries on Saturday after accidentally walking into the moving propeller of a small plane. Her left hand was severed in the accident and she sustained critical wounds to her skull, left eye and left shoulder.

Peter Wasserman and Luke Dixon, the first two paramedics to arrive at the scene, told ABC News that even as veteran emergency responders, Scruggs’ injuries were some of the most shocking they’d encountered.
“It was one of those things that kind of just takes your breath away,” Wasserman said in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday, adding that he began to pray for her as soon as he saw the extent of the damage to her body.

“We honestly didn’t expect her to survive,” he said. “The extent of her injuries, the lacerations she had to her head, the skull fracture. … We thought for sure there would be significant brain damage. I was praying as soon as I got there.”
Scruggs is currently being treated at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital, where doctors are working to save her left eye.

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