Friday, December 9, 2011

No name for Arjan in Lanka!

A character in Lanka doesn't have a name. But the actor isn't complaining.
"The credit for this goes to writer Shashant. He has ensured that even though you get familiar with my role, you'll never hear my name," says Arjan, who plays Manoj Bajpayee's younger brother in the film.

Talking about his character, he adds, "It is inspired by Vibhishan, who is considered half devil-half human. But he is the man behind Ram's victory. He has not betrayed his brother Raavan, but is also somewhat on the side of the truth. Jaswant (Bajpayee) is everything in my life. I worship him, but when he ill-treats Annju (Tia Bajpai), I take the side of the truth."

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