Friday, December 9, 2011

Nargis Fakhri: 'I'm unfazed by negativity'

 She may have got flak for her acting in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar, her debut film, but actor Nargis Fakhri is unnerved.
"I take all criticism in a positive way, because they teach me what works and what doesn't and help me grow as an actor," she says. Her pout, too, has become a topic of discussion in the online world, with many calling her "duck face". In fact, the criticism got so nasty that the actor asked people on Twitter to use "kind words". 

"Someone was writing nasty comments and using profane language for no reason. I don't think anyone would appreciate such uncalled for behaviour from anyone. And I don't want my fans of any age group to be subjected to reading stuffs on my page which might upset them. People need to be a little more mature and responsible while using a public forum." The actor, however, doesn't heed to such statements anymore. "I think it's amusing, and the negativity doesn't bother me now," says the 32-year-old actor. Ask if her age could create an obstruction in her career, as most of the leading female actors in Bollywood are in their 20s, she says, "As long as you look and fit the part, nothing else should matter. Human beings have their own perceptions of the world, of people and things, I am as young as you want me to be, and I am whatever you perceive me to be.

That becomes your reality of me." In fact, scripts and endorsements are pouring in, and she is being touted as a replacement for actors Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor for brands, but she disagrees. "I am glad that brands in general consider me a good fit and feel that I can take them forward. I don't see this as a replacement, there is enough work for everyone here as we all bring something special to the table. And having met Deepika, I can say she is an absolutely lovely person." She adds, "Thankfully, projects are being offered to me, my team and myself are going through them, and hopefully if all goes well, we will have an announcement very soon." While she has denied being in a relationship, Fakhri says that she is sad about her single status. "I'm single and not happy about it. I wish I had a partner to share all my ups and downs with, and all the wonderful things I am receiving and experiencing now."

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