Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sonam shows professional side!


    She is one the deadly players in Abbas-Mustan's Indianised version of The Italian Job,
and triggers off the heist to avenge her father's murder. And a large chunk of the film was shot in New Zealand, sunny Auckland and windy Wellington.
While they were in the chilly capital city of New Zealand, Sonam fell ill. "She had high fever," confirms director Abbas. Natural light is available there till 9 pm, which meant that they could continue shooting till late but since Sonam was unwell, they let her go back to the hotel at 5.30 pm on the first day.
"Since we had permission to shoot for only two days, we were worried about canning her portions," says Abbas. "To our surprise, like a true professional, she stayed on and wrapped up her portions the next day despite the temperature of 104 degrees." The filmmaker points out that getting permission to picturise a song or can a romantic scene in Wellington is not difficult. "But we were doing heavy-duty action scenes that included bomb blasts and chase sequences. We needed to halt the traffic on busy streets and book an airstrip in advance. All this required a lot of paperwork from multiple authorities," he explains.
Sonam was a good player not just in Wellington but back in Mumbai too. When they were doing some patchwork at Kamal Amrohi Studio last month, the actor was once again down with high fever. "And despite her mom's (Sunita Kapoor) and her manager's concern, she reported for work because the set had to be dismantled the next day," says a delighted Abbas. 'It's great when young people like her are so work-friendly."

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